Integral Awareness Coaching for Executive Leadership Excellence

As the requirements for effective executive leadership continue to evolve, so do the strategies and practices required to enable leadership excellence.

Where focus on "skills" development, learning new behaviors and the latest gurus' writings on leadership might have been sufficient in the last decade, today’s leaders are now seeing that deeper, more profound and continuously evolving change is required to sustain peak leadership performance.

Learning Strategies’ INTEGRAL AWARENESS COACHING evokes a new level of excellence in leadership that is sustainable, allowing the client to evolve continuously through mastery of self-awareness, awareness in relationship with others and awareness of one's relationship with their world.  A renewed appreciation of personal sense of identity, states of consciousness, integral presence, the power of language, generative relationship and continuous learning all emerge in this coaching discipline and enable extraordinary leadership.

"When the 75 members of Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Advisory Council were asked to recommend the most important capability for leaders to develop, their answer was nearly unanimous: self-awareness." (HBR, Feb. 2007)

Through comprehensive assessment, co-discovery and one-on-one coaching in the INTEGRAL AWARENESS COACHING process, a rock-solid foundation evolves and enables a deep appreciation of self and others and the quality relationships that foster enrollment and define leadership excellence.  At some level, you are likely aware of this natural approach to mastery. Learning Strategies’ INTEGRAL AWARENESS COACHING is for executives who are keenly curious about what could be.

Wilson pursued post-doctoral studies in the Department of Psychiatry at U.C. San Diego.  He served on the faculty in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Utah and later with Beckman Coulter as Director of Clinical Chemistry Development and Advanced Technology.  He has been an adjunct with the Center for Creative Leadership as an executive coach and feedback specialist for eleven years and is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF).  Wilson's Ph.D. is in organic chemistry from Penn State University. He founded Learning Strategies in 1994.  Additionally, he currently serves on the ScrippsHealth Institutional Review Board (IRB) in La Jolla, CA.

"Truly life-changing and revolutionary in understanding myself and what I can do. I felt comfortable and encouraged throughout. Very insightful. His input was amazing. Understood my situation and was empathetic. Completely knew me."
— K. P.