Color coding

Books and digital aids are common in the learning process. When books are owned by the school, you’ll not be able to use color coding as a learning strategy. However, that is against the purpose of learning: you do not go to school to make sure the teaching material looks unused, but to take in the subject matter!
So feel free to ask for copies of the texts so that you can use them in a way that helps you.

Learning Strategy: Color codingWhen going through a text, it may be helpful to highlight certain words or parts of the text using colors.
You can decide to associate a value with different colors, for example:

  • Yellow: The headings for paragraphs, as well as certain answers to important questions.
  • Red: Important examples that explain the points being made.
  • Green: Context: cause and effect, the summary, and where you see the logic in the text.
  • Blue: Written numbers if they are important.

You can identify the concepts first by skimming through the text.

If you want to be more accurate you can create a 2-column overview. You can then use the above color scheme to highlight the proper categories.

Note: Don’t over-use this learning strategy, and make sure you test its usefulness.
The above categories are examples, so feel free to modify them to your need.