The Eraser

The learning strategy The Eraser consists of gradually covering more and more of the original material, while repeating and filling in what is covered, until you finally remember it all.
Simple? Simple!

Example for learning strategy The Eraser: The Pledge of Allegiance
An example for learning strategy ‘The Eraser’: The Pledge of Allegiance.

Start by setting up the learning material, e.g. the events in a timeline, an entire form, table, list or whatever it may be.
Put a piece of paper over some items to begin with, or you can blank out what you have written; try to fill in the correct information from memory.
Keep covering more and more keywords and words until you are happy with the result.

You can likely find an app that will help you do this, but that might not save you any time.

Learning strategy ‘The Eraser’ can be useful to cram timelines, the periodic table (chemistry), the ABC formula (quadratic equation), subject lists and so on. Simple? Simple!