Own your learning proces

Learning is transformation and it means changing who you are: you’ll want to be able to recognize and use new facts and logic, you’ll want to increase your proficiency, gain more experience, see how things play out..
All this is about changing yourself to become more knowledgeable and more skilled.

Change is hard enough when you are motivated. But it’s exceptionally hard if you are not motivated. In both cases you end up being trained, and you either own the new knowledge and experiences, or you end up learning to do things you actually couldn’t be bothered with, or even perhaps even don’t want to do.

The question why you pursue an education boils down to two choices:
1. getting trained so you can perform according to someone else’s expectation.
2. discovering your gifts and talents to find out who you are.

Test for yourself if you can see these two aspects in the teachings you receive. It will help you against being molded into someone you are not.
Owning your learning is an act of self-determination. It grants you the freedom to choose what you learn and what you merely learn about, ensuring that your personal and professional growth aligns with your passions.

So, instead of passively accepting knowledge, choose to critically engage with it. This is essential if you want to prevent being molded into a version of yourself that doesn’t align with your true aspiration.
Choose to be an active, self-driven learner instead of a passive recipient of knowledge. Change starts with you, and your change starts with your attitude and perception.

Choose wanting to learn.