V6 Mathematical problem solving

V6-engine for MathV6 is a technique where you go through a math problem or math text in a decided, fixed order, to retrieve important information to solve the problem.

  1. Read the text and question.
  2. What kind of information do you need from the text?
  3. Read the text again and list the data.
  4. Find out the order in which you will do the task.
  5. Carry out the task.
  6. Check as you go whether the procedure still looks right, and check if the answer could be correct.

Many students first read the math problem globally, and then immediately start working on the solution. However, important details are then easily overlooked, which will give problems:

  • with the time you have to finish the task,
  • with your working memory that now has to ad hoc deal with un-ordered details